Break Out the Fun with Sport Sunglasses

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Sporting activities are healthy and fun, but they come with a fair share of danger. The last thing any guy wants during a sporting event is to sustain an injury, especially injuries related to sight. For this reason only the best sport sunglasses will be good enough, because they stay in place when the going gets tough. They also provide perfect clarity in bad conditions while protecting the eyes from strong light and oncoming objects. In essence sport sunglasses are specialized gear that helps participants to keep focus. 

801 Polarized Sport Sunglasses – Rivbos 

Don’t be surprised if you feel invincible when you put this pair on. They strike intimidation into the hearts of opponents with their fierce design. The lenses and the frame are made from shatterproof polycarbonate, which means they will stand with you through the tough times. Sunlight and glare is no match for the 801 and they simply look great. Rubber padding on the rim ensures more comfort and an elastic sport belt can be attached for extra stability. Bikers and drivers shouldn’t leave home without them. They are available in grey, grey/red and white/blue.

TR22 Sport Wrap TR90 Unbreakable – JiMarti 

There is no question that the styling of these sport sunglasses are excellent. They look absolutely stunning. It is based on a half-rim design in order to give a wider range of vision. The lenses wrap around offering more protection and the frame is light, but unbreakable. Apart from the basics like UVA and UVB protection, the lenses have an anti-fog, scratch and glare coating. They are made from shatterproof polycarbonate and they are perfect for any sporting event from cycling to golfing. The best part is that they are available in numerous fun colors. 

High Profile Runners Cycling Sunglasses – X Loop

This pair is a winner because they are very affordable, looks very stylish and no amount of friction will remove them. They may not be polarized, but they do a great job fighting intense light and a percentage of glare. The frame and lenses are plastic, which means they are light. Rubber padding comes standard on the rims for comfort and the amount of colors they are available in are vast and exciting. If you constantly lose or break your sport sunglasses then get a couple of these, because they are easily replaceable and do a great job. 

Jet Wrap – Tifosi 

Another half-rim design with a slightly more sophisticated approach, the Jet Wrap makes use of a Grilamid TR-90 nylon frame which is very durable. The Fototech lenses have a 100% UV protection coating and adapts to all light conditions. The ear and nose pieces are made from Hydrophilic rubber, meaning it won’t slip. The Jet Wrap is also very affordable and comes in 7 different colors. According to the manufacturer they fit best on smaller faces. 


You can settle on many things, but not when it comes to sport sunglasses. Even if you don’t have a big budget you can still get a great pair that will keep your vision safe and clear while moving at high speed.

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Exploit the Inner Model with Designer Sunglasses for Men

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The initial design for sunglasses, or “sun cheaters” as they were known back in the day, was primarily for safety. It wasn’t meant to do anything else rather than protect the eyes. However, designers started to see the fashion potential in these accessories and today they make statements. Wearing designer sunglasses for men isn’t just a matter of safety anymore, but rather an expression of personality. They have become a big part of style and at this point the right pair of designer sunglasses makes men look and feel great. 

VE4044B – Versace 

This pair originated in Italy and the people from Versace haven’t lost their touch. It features the best plastic material for lenses, namely Acetate and the interior dividers can either be removed or adjusted. For they frame they decided on a bulky yet sleek design with Versace rhinestones at the sides. The frames are available in plain or bright black and the sporty finish makes it perfect for a driving session. Thanks to the deeply tinted lenses it provides a sense of mystery for the guy who wears them. 

RB3016 Classic Clubmaster – Ray Ban 

The design has been popular for 30 years now and it doesn’t show any signs of fading away. The Classic Clubmaster truly is classic and makes use of a metal and plastic frame. Many owners regard it as universal because it seems to adapt to your face. The lenses are synthetic and provide 100% UV protection. Any guy can feel like James Dean in pair of these. They are relevant and grabs attention even after all these years. They are also available in an array of colors.

GG 1951/S Aviator – Gucci 

Trust in Gucci to take the aviator design to another level. It consists of a metal frame with arms slightly thicker than typical aviator designs. The lenses are top quality and mirrored for the mystery affect. They also provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB. Another slight difference is the size of the lenses which are a little larger than what you would expect from aviators. Nevertheless, as promised, Gucci as brought them into modern style without taking away the vintage look. If you want sophistication then this is the pair for you. The frames are available in shiny black, dark ruthenium, red and white. As for the lenses you can choose between 4 shades of grey. 

Dispatch II – Oakley

Who doesn’t love Oakley? Their designs are very creative and the Dispatch II is no different. Once again they can brag with their O Matter frame that balances in three separate areas instead of simply relying on the ears. It’s a modern twist on a favored classic design and it really helps an individual to look unique. The Plutonite lenses keep your eyes safe from UV, UVB, UVA and you can choose if they have to be polarized as well. They are lightweight, comfortable and most of all, they will make you feel like a moviestar. 


At least one of these designer sunglasses for men is bound to make you feel like a local celebrity, so why should you wait any longer to wear them?

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Take Flight with The Best Aviator Sunglasses

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The first design of aviator sunglasses was created in 1936 by the eye health suppliers Bausch & Lomb. As the name of the design suggests, they were made for pilots in the US Air force. Little did the designers know how popular the design would become. When the 1960’s came around young people had adapted the military issued shades and designers gave it a modern twist. For the last 50 years the teardrop lenses and light metal frame have retained their popularity and here is a look at some of the best aviator sunglasses currently available.

RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses – Ray Ban

If you are looking for a classic style with just a touch of modern taste then this will suit you perfectly. They represent sophistication on a very cool level. True to the classic style, the metal frame is light and wears comfortably. Thanks to the UV400 coating and polarization, the crystal lenses provide more than sufficient protection from glare and UV rays, while adapting to contrast light for optimal vision. They are also scratch resistant. At the very least this pair pays tribute to the original design everyone has come to love and it’s available in numerous colors.

Aviator One Way Mirror Sunglasses – SWG Eyewear

This pair can be considered a move into a wilder side of aviator sunglasses. Where the classic represents sophistication, the One Way Mirror set, with aluminum frame, represents the wild child. Apart from just looking stunning, the UV400 lens technology is a mirror for those you look at. The windows of your soul are a complete mystery and nobody will be able to tell what you’re thinking. Furthermore, they fit comfortably and the frame is very durable. 

American Flag USA Classic Teardrop Metal Aviator Sunglasses

There is two things that make this set of shades particularly interesting. First of all, the design is classic aviator, which everyone loves. Secondly, the American flags are tinted onto the lenses. The basic UV safety coat is also present on the plastic lenses and the metal frame looks very nice. If you want to grab some real attention, then get your hands on a pair of these. They are patriotic, stylish and everyone will envy you. 

Aviator Aluminum Polarized Sunglasses – Sturgeon

For those who take the process of buying shades very seriously, then Sturgeon has the aviator pair for you. The design demands respect and authority, even though it looks very cool. It consists of 1.1 mm thick polarized lenses for extra protection. The frame is flexible and also metal based, but features aluminum materials as well. The rubber nose and ear pieces are adjustable and the spring hinges ensure a comfortable fit. Regardless of the extra thick lenses, the overall weight is light. These shades are available in metal, copper, silver, gold and black. 


The above mentioned shades are just some of the best aviator sunglasses available, but between the four of them you should be able to fit into any situation. From cool and sophisticated to patriotic and intellectual, aviator sunglasses never fail to rise to the occasion. 

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